Why are these activities done in libraries and information centers?

Essentially, from what I gathered, fiscal management and budgeting in libraries and information centers are crucial because, like any other organization or department, the proper management of funds is central in determining numerous factors such as acquiring of new materials…

The acquisition process is primarily set on securing the right materials for the library through various ways, such as purchasing, gifts or donations, exchange programs, and inter-library loans, which are all performed by the head librarian or acquisitions department. …

The selection process is not merely about heedlessly acquiring books. It requires thorough decision-making through a criteria and an evaluation of the clientele’s needs. Identifying collection needs, determining the budget, developing a plan for acquiring, and conducting a search for the material are what constitute the main process for selection.

“What is net neutrality? Is it an issue affecting us in the Philippines? Why or why not?”

From my understanding, net neutrality is a principle where any user should be able to access all online platforms and content without their respective internet service provider (or ISPs) interfering or manipulating data…

Aside from developing software, how else can you use, or take advantage of git and GitHub?

GitHub is an online platform that allows and encourages open collaborations using git, a version control system. Though it is known for developing software, GitHub may be used for much less complex projects.


Photos (5.46 GB): local drive of phone
Course Readings (145 MB): local drive of laptop
Personal Documents (56 MB): local drive of laptop
E-books (3.22 GB): local drive of tablet
TV Series (28.6 GB): local drive of laptop

All of these files are located in local drives. If these devices…

Do you think technology is neutral? Explain in 150–200 words.

If we talk about technology as material products, then I believe that technology is indeed inherently neutral.

However, I feel that it is almost impossible to separate technology from human activity. …

Caroline Rodriguez

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